Boosting Curb Appeal of Your Jacksonville Home

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It is time to sell your Jacksonville home, and you know that making a positive first impression is crucial when it comes to pleasing potential home buyers. The first thing that anyone will see when approaching your house is your front lawn and entryway. Make the most of these few initial moments by boosting the curb appeal of your Jacksonville home.

Many people think that adding curb appeal means pouring a lot of money into the front yard. This simply isn’t true. By making a few simple updates and adjusting a few things about how your entry way is set up, you can have magazine worthy curb appeal without any budgetary harm.

Boosting Curb Appeal of Your Jacksonville Home

  • Paint the front door: Go with an eye-popping color that is not too loud. Something that contrasts nicely with jacksonville homethe color of the whole house often looks nice. The door is an accent color, so while it is recommended you keep the remainder of the house something calming and neutral; the door can be as bright as you want. Red is especially fun on front doors.
  • Change the hardware: Go ahead and put a new door knob on the front door when you get done painting it. Every potential buyer or renter will have to touch that door knob, so it is something they are going to notice.
  • Add outdoor lighting: Consider putting a few solar lights along your walkway. This is a great way to line the walkway into the house and is also a great deterrent against robbers, as the solar lights often remain lit all night.
  • Add a container garden: Plant a few flowers in nicely painted flower pots and place them next to the front door. A garden will send the signal to potential buyers or renters that the property has been regularly kept up.

Even if you only have one day to make changes to your home there are a few simple touches you can make that will increase your curb appeal. If you are buying a foreclosure or short sale in hopes of turning them into investment properties, or are looking for a quick and cheap way to fix up a property before moving forward with your rental property management plans, then consider a few of the above tricks.

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