Do I Need a Home Inspection?

By September 1, 2017Traditions Property Blog
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Q: Do I Need a Home Inspection?

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A: You definitely need a home inspection. Do not buy a property without a home inspection unless you’re an extremely seasoned investor that is fine for cash and knows that they can tell from walking through a house if there are any problems with a structure like the plumbing, the electricity or the roof. For the average buyer a home inspection is an absolute must.

You’re actually hiring someone that’s going to crawl underneath the property if it’s an off grade house or go on to the roof and into the attic and inspect these areas. Most people would never feel comfortable doing this. Also many of the inspectors have owned businesses themselves.

The home inspector I like to use the most is also a roofing contractor. He really knows his business when it comes to the structure of properties. You want to make sure that the Air Conditioning not only turns on, but actually works the way that it’s supposed to work. The same goes with the appliances. During the inspection period you’re there to find out what’s wrong with the property. You still have the right to do a second negotiation with the owner. If there’s something that doesn’t work right they’re going to either have it repaired or they’re going to make compensation for you. Without a home inspector how are you going to get this done?

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