Fitting In Your New Community

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Mr. Rogers gave a lot of us one impression about our neighbors. In a neighborhood like that, it was easy fitting in your new community. In reality, our neighborhoods possibly have loud arguments in the middle of the night, foods cooked with strong spices, and if you are really unlucky, neighbors who report you to the HOA rather than discussing the issue with you. Dealing with tough neighbors is hard enough on its own, but when you throw in a problematic home owners association, you could find yourself in the midst of a major headache. No one wants to be the person to move onto the block and stir up a bunch of trouble, yet sometimes this is exactly what happens. Here are a few tips to help you and your family with fitting in your new community.

Fitting In Your New Community

  1. Contact an HOA representative right away. Don’t wait for them to contact you. Let them know you just new communitymoved in and ask about their landscaping and car parking policies so you are in the know from the get-go.
  2. Introduce yourself to your neighbors. When you are in the middle of the move it is easy to think about putting salutations off to another day and focusing on the task at hand, but once you miss those first hello’s it soon becomes awkward. If you see a neighbor, go for it and say hello. Think of this as an investment opportunity. The best security system you can have is a good neighbor watching out for you.
  3. Throw a house-warming party for the neighborhood. This is an old fashioned tradition, but it is one worth keeping. Throw a party to bring your friends over to see your new home, but don’t leave it there. Have a BBQ once you are moved in and ask your neighbors to come by. They may politely decline, but you’ve started the dialogue and are more likely to have a positive relationship with them as a result.
  4. Communicate and ask for communication. Often, simply communicating your concerns or asking permission out of respect can not only avoid a problem, it can begin a friendship. Never assume your neighbors know what bothers you, or will appreciate your new drum hobby. Let them know they can talk to you anytime and always try to put your feet in their shoes.

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