Helpful Hints for Landlords

By September 28, 2018Traditions Property Blog

So you own an investment property that means you must be rich! We know that is not necessarily the case but it is what many of your tenants and potential tenants think.

As a rental property owner, you are required to deliver your tenant a home that is safe, sanitary and secure. What does this mean to you?

Safety refers to items that could cause harm with normal use. This could be an electrical item-perhaps a damaged plug or the exterior stairs get slippery when it rains. Usually the best way to keep your building in shape and safe is to contract a Property Manager

Sanitary refers to items usually having to do with plumbing. For example, toilets should flush properly and drains should be free-flowing.

Secure means that exterior doors should close and lock properly. Windows should have a locking mechanism as well.

The above examples are simplistic but as an owner, you must provide minimum standards for all three. The age of the property makes no difference to these standards.

As landlords, we would all love it if our renters cared for the unit as if it belonged to them. However, you should expect to have normal wear and tear to a unit when a tenant moves out. This means giving the area a good once over to see if painting is needed or if the appliances need repair or replacement. Between tenants, you should also check on the plumbing to ensure it is working properly. A minor adjustment or fixing a small leak may make a huge difference in your water bill.

It is recommended you change locks when you re-rent. This could save your tenants from surprise visitors or thieves which could come back to you as a nasty lawsuit.

Remember you or your representative has the right to enter any rental unit in case of an emergency to assists the situation and make repairs. One last thing-Florida law requires that all rentals must have a heating source. Air conditioning is not a requirement and a/c repairs are not considered an emergency by State law.