How Do I Finance A House?

finance a house

Have questions related to buying a home in Jacksonville, Florida? Traditions Realty REALTORĀ® Beth King provides expert answers.

Q: How Do I Finance a House?

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A: The most important thing to know about financing a house is that you need to go to more than one mortgage provider. Most people will simply go to the bank that they’re currently doing business with. They might have the best program for you, but you might be able to find something that works a little bit better through another company. Worst-case scenario you should take three different mortgage providers and compare what they have available for you.

In some instances, depending on the field that you’re in, there might be certain programs that are specific for you. Many times you’ll have a medical program or a program that has to do with educators that will allow you to have some kind of discount, freebie or simply extra money for you to use towards the down payment or closing costs for that property. Everyone would like to have free closing. That’s the money that actually comes out of your pocket when you buy a house.

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