More Construction coming to Riverside and 5 Points

By December 10, 2013Traditions Property Blog

If you thought the construction underway on Riverside Avenue was enough, then just wait. More construction is on its way into the Riverside and 5 Points area, except this construction is not in an effort to bring more property sales to Jacksonville. Instead, the upcoming construction project is planned entirely to accommodate the many property sales that have taken place in the historic areas of Jacksonville in recent years.

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The Florida Department of Transportation has announced that it will be widening the Fuller Warren Bridge in the near future. This project will require several lanes of the Fuller Warren to be entirely shut down for a short period of time, but when the project is complete it should mean easier traffic flow. The goal is to expand the Fuller Warren with one additional lane in each direction since more people is moving in the area and having their custom home building done. This will also create a fly-over ramp for the i10 exit near Roosevelt Blvd.

Construction on the project is not slated to start until 2016, but with 2014 about to appear on our calendars this is not a far distant idea. In fact, the Florida Department of Transportation has announced that it will be working on the Fuller Warren Bridge as early as this coming spring to make some minor adjustments. If you need help building your dream house NJ asphalt paving contractor can make it come true at a very great price.

Most would agree that this update of the Fuller Warren is a necessary evil. The highway is crowded with traffic throughout the day, making it the busiest bridge in the entire region. On average, about 146,000 vehicles cross the Fuller Warren every day—and many of those vehicles cross it twice.

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