Property Management 101: Be Ready for Storm Season

storm season prep

Every year, storm season creates a number of threats for Jacksonville residents. Even if the storm doesn’t progress into a hurricane the area could still become subject to flooding, power outages, and contamination to the water supply. The threat of storm season is particularly stressful to those managing rental homes in the Jacksonville area. While the risk of damage and the process of making the proper precautions is still necessary, many people find the process less stressful with a professional Jacksonville property management specialist at the helm. Traditions Realty would like to present Property Management 101: Be Ready for Storm Season.

Be Ready for Storm Season

The only good thing about hurricanes is that they come with a decent amount of notice. Don’t wait until the bands come ashore to take precautions. While the storm is still sitting out at sea is the right time to get everything set just in case the worst should happen.

Here are a few steps you can take to prepare your Jacksonville rental property:

  • Make any repairs: Find out if there are any repairs that may need immediate attention (i.e a cracked window, astorm season slight leak or a falling branch). Repairs like this are easy to take care of in fine weather but can become a nightmare during storms.
  • Contact your tenants: There is always a possibility of a power outage and flooded roads that will keep you stuck at home for days after a storm passes. Find out emergency contact information for your tenants if you don’t already have it, and let them know how they can best contact you should something happen to the property.
  • Prepare the property for the storm: All yard equipment should be moved into the house, including tables, chairs, gardening equipment and other items. Make sure to put boards and shutters up over the windows and make sure that at least one working vehicle is full of gas and parked somewhere you’ll be able to use it. If the garage door is automatic and the power goes out for several days your car could become inaccessible.
  • Check your insurance: Make sure your homeowners insurance is paid up to date and you understand what your policy covers and does not cover in regards to flooding, wind damage, storm damage etc…

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