Fire Protection Tips for Your Property

By November 30, 2016Traditions Property Blog
fire protection


Fire protection tips for your property are easy to find, but they don’t work unless you are using them.

Fire is a part of Jacksonville history. Even though Florida is known to have humid and wet weather, property and homes are still vulnerable to fire. One example is the great historic fire of 1901 that took down so much of the city.

Today, there are steps that you can take to prevent your home from the disaster of a fire.

Fire Protection Tips for Your Property

  • Keep smoke detectors on and test them regularly to ensure they don’t need replacement batteries.
  • In the cold weather, give your space heater plenty of space to work—closed quarters can lead to a fire.
  • Clean your oven regularly to ensure no food particles accidently catch fire.
  • Use surge protectors and discontinue any old or worn wires that may contribute to an electrical fire.
  • Keep matches and other flammable items out of reach of children.
  • Ensure candles and items such as curling irons and space heaters are turned off before you leave your house.
  • keep a fire extinguisher in your home just in case a fire does occur.
  • D0 not throw water on an electrical fire as this can make a bad situation worse!

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