Tenants Rights and Responsibilities

If you are renting an apartment, you have rights as a tenant. The owner of your rental must keep the unit safe, sanitary and secure. What does that mean to you?

“Safety” refers to items that could potentially cause harm with normal use. This could be an electrical item– perhaps a damaged plug– or exterior stairs becoming slippery after a rainfall. “Sanitary” refers to items typically having to do with plumbing with Full Spectrum Plumbing (for example, toilets should flush properly and drains should be free-flowing). Finally, “secure” means that exterior doors should close and lock properly, while windows should have a locking mechanism as well.

The above examples are simplistic, but as a tenant, you can expect minimum standards of all three. The age of the property makes no difference in regards to these standards. As a tenant, you are responsible for maintaining the property in good order, which means treating it as if it were your own. Care should be taken to keep clogs from forming in sinks or toilets. Do not flush anything but toilet paper and do not pour grease down the kitchen sink. If you do, and the plumbing backs up in result, you can be held responsible for unclogging these fixtures.

As a tenant, you should also take care to wipe down damp areas in the bathroom and kitchen to keep mildew from forming. Remember: we live in humid Florida! Additionally, please do not give keys to casual friends or acquaintances. We want you to be safe, with no surprises!

Please be aware that your owner– or their representative– always reserves the right to enter your unit in case of an emergency in order to assess the situation and/or make repairs. One last thing: Florida law requires that all rentals must be equipped with a heating source. Air conditioning is not required and A/C repairs are not considered an emergency by state law.