Property Management and Home Sales: What’s in a Picture?

By February 4, 2017Traditions Property Blog
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Does a picture really say a thousand words? That is the pressure that many potential home buyers put on internet property management listings when browsing through property sales in Jacksonville. According to a recent study out of Old Dominion University, the average home buyer spends about 60 seconds browsing advertisements on listed properties. This means that potential residential property management opportunities in Jacksonville, as well as short sale and foreclosure sales are often considered a possibility or ruled out altogether in less than one minute.

This is a lot of pressure to put on one small image, and it is why so many home listings are loaded with multiple images of the inside of a home, the backyard and its curb appeal. However, if you are searching for property sales in Jacksonville you should not limit yourself to the houses you find aesthetically appealing based on a few photos. More often than not, the true benefits of a home will reveal themselves on your first visit. A picture can say a lot about a house, but try to spend more than a brief minute looking at an advertisement before passing a judgment.

Property Management and Home Sales: What’s in a Picture?

  • Location, location, location: This is usually one of the first things people look at when viewing properties online, but don’t let images distract you from the ideal location you are looking for.
  • Updates: A new HVAC system or freshly done roof doesn’t often make the photo. Pay attention to details like this, they can mean huge savings.
  • HOAs: Property listing descriptions will often list info about home owner associations. Know if this is the type of community you are looking for and pay attention to details on the subject.

If you see a picture of a home that you like, let us know! A picture might not say it all but it is always a great place to start.

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