220 Riverside: A Work Making Progress

By August 29, 2014Traditions Property Blog

When it was first being pitched there was a lot of talk about 220 Riverside officially being up and ready to go by Labor Day of 2014. That isn’t likely to happen, but a missed deadline doesn’t mean the project isn’t going to live up to everything that people are saying about it.

With all the hype around Unity Plaza and 220 Riverside, we are happy that the developers are taking their time and getting everything right from the start. The new addition to the Riverside community is going to bring an amphitheater for concerts and major speaking events, as well as luxury living space and new retail and dining opportunities. The project as a whole has drawn a lot of attention from the community as well as from the national media. Unity Plaza will feature a restaurant with a celebrity chef from the hit show Top Chef, a bike share program and a concert venue that will pull in the likes of Sheryl Crow as it hosts more than 100 events every year.

So, sorry Jacksonville. We are just going to have to be more patient as we wait for this project to reach its completion date. However, when the construction is complete we are thinking it will have been worth the wait!