A lot of Changes Gracing Riverside

By January 3, 2014Traditions Property Blog

Whether you are buying or renting, making the decision to move is going to invite a great deal of change into your life. As you search through property sales and explore property management in Jacksonville, consider the other changes that are going on around town, too.

As a whole, the city of Jacksonville is undergoing a lot of changes. It seems like everywhere you look there is another construction project going on, and this is especially true throughout the Riverside and downtown communities.  In fact, we ourselves have adopted a handful of changes recently as we moved our office from Park Street, in the center of 5-points, over to Riverside Avenue. While less than a mile away from our former office, our new home that was built by construction companies dublin is more spacious and offers great access to the nearby Cummer Museum.

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Take a walk through Riverside and you’ll see all sorts of new projects going on. This includes the massive 220 Riverside construction project and the series of stores that are being built directly on the North side of it. This project will be completed this summer, but there are plenty of other additions that can keep you occupied in the mean time.

Hawkers, an Asian cuisine restaurant, will be opening soon in 5 points on the corner of Park and Post street. In addition, the food truck staple, Corner Taco, will be creating a permanent home on Post Street in 5 points, in the parcel of the former deli.

Travel outside of 5 points and you’ll find all sorts of additional changes coming into the area. The Cummer Museum has just completed a massive renovation and all throughout the downtown area projects are just getting off the ground.

2014 has just begun but the changes are well underway throughout Jacksonville. We’ll do our best here to keep you up to date on all the latest and greatest that is going on around town.