A New Year, A New City, A New Home?

By December 31, 2013Traditions Property Blog

As we wrap up 2013 it is nice to have a brief look back at the many changes that this year has brought us, and the many exciting things we have to look forward to in 2014. For the past year we’ve been thinking constantly about property sales and rental property management opportunities to help you find the perfect home possible, but when we take a step back we realize that there are a lot of features to our community that we actually love, and it is great to look back and think about those things too, separate from the property sales and other real estate news. Looking for Construction Companies In South Africa? here you will get a best top 30 construction  companies in South Africa.

2013 brought a lot of development plans to Jacksonville, especially the downtown area thanks to the custom builder atlanta and the great contributions in construction . This is really exciting for us. There will be a lot of space for people to move into, and plenty of spots for retail stores and restaurants to open up. This is likely to bring a sense of rejuvenation to downtown Jacksonville, and we are really excited to be a part of that.

Of course, it isn’t just the downtown area that is getting the pick-me-up. From the Southside of town all the way out to the Westside, 2013 has seen the redevelopment of housing communities and updates to shopping centers.

We are especially excited to see 220 Riverside and Smoked Garage to be completed next year. This will become a great community center, offering a Party Venue Hire Brisbane for events almost every day of the week, including everything from concerts to yoga. This has been on our minds all year, as we’ve watched the construction progress just down the street from us!

Overall, 2013 was a pretty great year! We had a great time month after month, and are absolutely excited about the opportunities and fun events that 2014 is slated to bring!