Amazon’s Drones Bring Excitement to Jacksonville

By April 15, 2014Traditions Property Blog

Don’t be surprised if your new property sale in Jacksonville gets a visit from an Amazon delivery drone next year. That is, if Amazon’s plans are able to move forward as currently planned. The multi-billion dollar online company announced at the end of last year that they are indeed experimenting with drones, and what is more, Jacksonville is going to be one of their test markets.

It makes sense for Jacksonville to get this privilege. Jacksonville is the largest city by mass in the entire country—a fun fact that us Jacksonville locals love to throw around. But if you think about it, this makes Jacksonville a great place for Amazon to test out its new drones.

The drones are going to help accelerate Amazon’s delivery services. Amazon is famous for using robots in its oversized warehouse storage, and has even started packaging and prepping products to be shipped before we even press “buy now” on their website. They are using the data they collect on our shopping habits to help enhance our shopping experience, and the drones are just another step in the right direction. With the drones, they won’t have to wait on any shipping service to deliver packages, making it possible to have same day delivery—and in some cases even bringing your package to you within an hour of ordering it.

This might sound like science fiction, but it is very real. Amazon will be moving out to Jacksonville’s West Side in the near future, and by 2015 we might see drones flying up and down our streets to deliver everything from K-cups of coffee to the latest paperback best seller.