As Property Sales Rise, Pedestrians Still Take Caution

Property sales in Jacksonville are looking strong as we head into the summer season, but not all the news coming out of Jacksonville is looking as great. Of course—it all depends on the way you look at it. Several years ago Jacksonville was considered the worst city in the country for pedestrians. As of this week, those rankings are out again and Jacksonville has improved—at least in the rankings.

Jacksonville is now considered the third-worst city in the country for Pedestrians. We fall behind Orlando and Tampa, and Miami takes spot number four. And no, these are not just the Florida rankings. It turns out that all four of the top rated worst cities for Pedestrians are in the state of Florida. You can blame the heat and urban sprawl, but the bottom line is that Floridian’s just aren’t set up to walk from point A to point B.

Of course, there are areas around Jacksonville that break from this rule. The neighborhoods of Riverside and Avondale are consistently rated one of the best places to live in the nation, including one of the best places to raise kids and one of the most pedestrian friendly neighborhoods. This is thanks to the old charm that connects homes and businesses with a simple tree-shaded walk.

If walking from place to place means a lot to you, then consider moving to a pedestrian friendly area of Jacksonville. These neighborhoods include:

  • Jacksonville Beach
  • Riverside
  • Avondale
  • Downtown Jacksonville
  • San Marco
  • Springfield

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