As you Search for a Property Sale, Enjoy Summertime in Jacksonville

Geographically speaking, Jacksonville is the biggest city in the entire country. The borders of Jacksonville stretch from the intercostal waterway near the ocean to the Osceola forest miles and miles away. Just east of the official border of Jacksonville are the Jacksonville Beaches, an area associated with Jacksonville but separated by their own city limits.

You might have traversed a decent bit of the vast Jacksonville area while searching for property sales or Florida foreclosures, but how much of the city did you stop and explore? It is summertime, and that means there is even more to do in Jacksonville now than any other season of the year. School is out and the kids are ready to play, so take a moment from your property sale search and have a look at what it is like to live in Jacksonville.

Here are a few ways to spend the warm summer days:

  • Water parks: There are several water parks in Jacksonville, each with attractions that are great for kids and adults alike. Check out Adventure Landing, which offers everything from water slides to bumper cars. There are several locations around Jacksonville, including at the Beaches just off of Beach Blvd, and on the Westside of the River on Blanding Blvd.
  • The Jacksonville Zoo: Located on the north side of town, the Jacksonville zoo is home to animals of all shapes and sizes, from wild cats to butterflies. This summer the Jacksonville zoo has a special dinosaur exhibit that is especially fun for the kids.
  • The Beach: You don’t need to spend a dime to take advantage of the summer fun in Jacksonville. Head east and drive down to one of the Jacksonville Beaches. You can head straight to Jacksonville Beach to enjoy the pier, or head north or south a mile or two and find a quieter spot where you can sit in the sand and have fun in the water.

Whether you are buying or selling a home in Jacksonville, the summer is only here for a few months of the year. Take the time to really enjoy the city and explore the different fun activities there are to do this time of year.