Big Plans for 220 Riverside are in the Works

By October 27, 2013Traditions Property Blog

Construction started some time ago for the major complex and community center that will be located on Riverside Avenue just outside of the Brooklyn neighborhood. 220 Riverside is a massive project, one that will create new living space, retail space, restaurants and bring residents from all around Riverside and Avondale together for events of all sorts.

As you drive past 220 Riverside you can’t miss the large signs with conceptual images of the building that is scheduled to be completed in the summer of next year, 2014. However, for those who are just passing by and wondering what the final project will be like, there is much you may like to learn about what the center will offer the Jacksonville community.

220 Riverside will feature:

  • 16,500 square feet of retail space
  • A multitude of parking accommodations in a full parking garage
  • 285 residential units

The center of the development will feature a lawn and small amphitheater which has plans to become home to intimate concerts. In fact, there are many who look at 220 Riverside as having the potential to become a favorite venue in all of Jacksonville, with hundreds of events slated annually to keep members of the community active and in touch.

The biggest concerns around the 220 Riverside complex were traffic issues and community disturbance, but the developers of this project took all of this into deep consideration. Located just off of Riverside Avenue with immediate access to the Acosta Bridge, this complex is not expected to cause much congestion to the five-points area that is often overwhelmed with morning traffic. Additionally, the many community events and commitment and invitation to small businesses have warmed many members of the Riverside and Avondale area to the project.