Bringing the Green into your Property Sales

By February 18, 2013Traditions Property Blog

When it comes to talking about property sales in Jacksonville and Florida foreclosures, the “green” is often at the top of home owner’s and property buyers minds, but green isn’t always referring to cash. You might be surprised to learn all that bringing in a bit of green from the outdoors can do for you!

Having your property help the environment by being more energy efficient defines it as a green property. For this reason you should consider hiring solar panel installation services. Your home will consume less power by generating its own, and even better, this upgrade pays for itself eventually in the money you save. Efficient from every angle!

Incorporating plants into your home like the can improve the air quality of your house, add to the indoor atmosphere of an otherwise bland room and help hide scents left behind by pets, children and the day to day dirt that comes with living in your home, if you plan on adding extra plants to the exterior of your home, then make sure you hire a dirt contractor. But not all plants are made to grow inside that is why you should consult with Gardens of Cascade. Before you start digging the flowers out of your garden, have a look at the best plants to grow inside of your home, and what benefits each type of plant holds. take you through the essentials of maintaining a new or inherited garden. 

If you will be showing your home to potential buyers during the winter, you may contact a commercial snow removal company beforehand. This way, your home and yard will look more appealing.

There are plenty of reasons to bring plants inside. Whether you are getting ready to put your property sale on the market, are in a rental property management agreement in Jacksonville and aren’t willing to commit to an in-the-ground garden that might need to be pulled up, or are new in town and hoping to make your new house feel like home, then starting an indoor garden is perfect for you.

Here is a quick list of the best plants to spruce up the inside of your home:

  • The Spider Plant: Named for its spider leg-like appearance, this plant is respected even by NASA for its ability to remove pollutants from the air in your home. You can keep this plant small or let it grow large. It will grow happily in your home, especially if propped next to a window. You can find all the equipment you’ll need to grow and maintain this plant at
  • The Snake Plant: Again, named for its leaves which look like small snake heads emerging from the dirt, this plant is great for the anti-green thumb. It doesn’t need to be watered too frequently and can do without direct sunlight. Even better, it will actually help create oxygen, stimulating air flow in your home.
  • Peace lily: This is one of the few flowering plants that will really thrive indoors. The plant has sail-like white flowers that will bloom year round, and can handle a mixture of warmth and cold air fairly well. The best bromeliads Houston plant will help to remove toxins from the air in your home.

Who says gardens are limited to the yard? Bring a bit of nature inside your home and experience the benefits of extra fresh air inside. Do you have any other types of plants growing inside? Share your experience in a comment below!