Buy-to-Rent offers Great Investment Opportunity

By August 15, 2014Traditions Property Blog
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These days, there are a variety of property investments available. Options vary from investing in properties overseas to commercial property, from Vacation Cabins For Sale to land purchases.  As you are looking for property investment opportunities, don’t overlook the buy-to-rent market.


rentals jacksonvilleThe buy-to-rent market refers to property buyers who make a purchase with the sole intent of renting it out. Renting a property is a great way to make a primary or secondary income. By securing a low-rate mortgage it is possible to have the house paid for by tenants, and shortly start turning a profit on the property, while over time, the home gains a further value on its own. You can also see the tips at myHomeSpot website to ensure that you have an appealing rental property.

A report released by Morgan Stanley indicates that the number of people who are buying homes with the intention of renting them is much lower than it could be—meaning there are many properties out there that are prime candidates for the rental market, but no one has yet scooped them up to take advantage of that housing need.

Experts with Morgan Stanley estimate that over the next several years the buy-to-rent market will grow more than fivefold—from an estimated $17 Billion as it stands today to well over $100 Billion. Experts expect to see a substantial amount of growth in this area in the next three years specifically.

There are many buy-to-rent opportunities in the country as well as vacation property management and commercial property management services to reduce the stress of managing a vacation or commercial property.

If you are interested in learning more about Buy-to-Rent, Property Management or how the professionals at Traditional Realty can assist you, contact us. If you’re looking for a company to help you find a place to invest in, check out Financement Flip.