Cold Weather Chills Jacksonville Property Sales

By January 12, 2014Traditions Property Blog

The past couple of months have been some of the coldest on record. All throughout Jacksonville we’ve seen plants freezing over, frozen puddles in the roads and have felt the wind chill drop into single digits. Weather like this can make us remember we need to have hot water available heated by tankless water heaters. So, it may not be a surprise that excessively cold weather leads to a temporary halt in property sales.

During the past month, as temperatures have dropped across the nation, the rate of property sales has dropped significantly. This is important information to understand for those who are currently looking to sell their homes, but also for those who are interested in finding a property sale or rental property management opportunity.

As another cold front pushes into town, put the weather to your advantage and find the future home of your dreams when the competition is trying to stay warm at home. Rental property management in Jacksonville and property sales across Northeast Florida can happen all the same during this cold weather, but with fewer people out and about you may just find yourself able to make a great offer on  a certain property that is for sale, or explore property management options in Jacksonville without so many crowds—giving you a greater chance of getting the lease on the property you really want.

Cold weather cools off the housing market across the nation, and understanding this can help you navigate the your local real estate options as you do your best to stay warm.