Commuter Trouble: Matthews Bridge Closed

By September 30, 2013Traditions Property Blog

Earlier this week a cargo ship crashed into the Matthew’s Bridge over the St Johns River in Downtown Jacksonville. This caused significant damage to the bridge, causing it to shut down in both directions. On the afternoon the bridge was hit, officials were reluctant to announce how long the Matthew’s Bridge would be out of commission. After several hours it was noted that the bridge would be closed for several days, and rumors began that the bridge would re-open the following Monday.

After just 24 hours, it has been announced that the bridge is closed indefinitely and commuters need to find an alternate route around town that takes them away from the Matthews Bridge. For those who are new in town and looking for property sales in Jacksonville, this means learning more about the other transportation options around town.

Jacksonville authorities are asking that those who normally take the Matthew’s bridge do their best to transition to the Hart bridge, which is one of the seven bridges that connects the eastern border of Jacksonville with the western mainland of the state.

Authorities recognize that this will create added traffic on the Hart Bridge, and have asked those who normally take the Hart to consider taking the Main Street, Acosta or Fuller Warren instead.

Those looking for property sales in Jacksonville may become confused by these shifting traffic patterns. It is recommended that you avoid the highways during traffic hours, specifically between 7 and 9 am and then again from 4 to 7 pm. If you find yourself out and looking at foreclosures, short sales or property sales at these times, do your best to take surface road. Reports from the highway indicate that commutes are already taking longer than normal; and with no estimated date in sight for the repairs to the Matthews Bridge the repairs may take some time.