Cutting Energy Costs for your Jacksonville Home

By December 28, 2012Traditions Property Blog

Everyone is looking for a way to save a few dimes—especially during this time of year. As the weather grows colder we finally have the chance to turn off the AC and try to save a couple of pennies, but only until the temperature drops and it is time to spend money in a different way by turning on the heat.

There are other ways to cut energy costs in your home that don’t involve freezing in your own bed or sitting in sweat as the summer sizzles on. Making simple changes around your home can add up to big savings, leaving more money in your pocket that you could apply towards investment property sales in Jacksonville or Florida foreclosures.

Here are a few simple ways that you can cut energy costs in your Jacksonville home:

  • While doing the laundry wash your clothing in cold water, and make sure to clean out the lint traps after every load. When the lint traps are full the dryer cannot run at maximum efficiency; and this can cause you to run the dryer several times for a task that could be completed in one load. You can put the dryer machine for sale if it’s not profitable.
  • When you aren’t using electronics unplug them. Even when appliances aren’t in use the plugs will draw phantom energy that will add up over the course of a month. Things like your hair dryer, cell phone charger, lap top and toaster oven should all be unplugged when you don’t need them, same goes for the water softeners and boilers when you live home for vacation. For added convenience and protection, try using surge protectors that can be easily switched off to prevent the flow of phantom energy.
  • Use ceiling fans to your advantage. Paddle fans can cool down the temperature of a room by keeping the air moving. During the long summer months in Jacksonville, leave your paddle fans on in rooms and try raising the temperature of your thermostat up by several degrees. When it is warm out, the ideal temperature for your thermostat is 78 degrees. For ceiling fan installation, you can visit this site.
  • Close the flue. Here in Jacksonville fireplaces are common, and even if you aren’t using the fireplace it could help you save some money. Check the flue on your fireplace and make sure it is shut when not in use. If the flue is open then your AC or heat could be traveling up the chimney like it would out an open window. Window sheer coverings provide privacy, light control, security, make a fashion statement for your home and more. It might also be because your chimney is accumulating dirt. For that, call a chimney sweep service. They help to control the climate and keeping you comfortable all year round. You can visit website of smartsheer  for getting better information.
  • Upgrade your light bulbs. According to Viribright Lighting, which is is one of the best led lights manufacturers, switching your traditional bulbs to led ones may drop illumination costs up to an 85%. You will also get more clean light colors using led technology and life expects for every bulb is 3 times more than traditional ones.

Make your resolution for 2013 to cut your energy costs. We recommend using this tool to compare energy for business and lower your costs. These are just a few of the ways that you can save money by making simple changes in your home. If you know of any other ways that you can cut energy costs, share your thoughts and experience in a comment below.