Downtown Jacksonville Attracting Residential and Commercial Property

By August 20, 2013Traditions Property Blog


The last several years has been a time of reform and renewal for downtown Jacksonville. The urban core of this large city has seen decades of decline and lost business, and it has left many people moving farther away from the city center. Lately, there has been a growing shift in attitude towards the downtown area, and more families and businesses are making the move to call downtown Jacksonville home once again.

This is a positive trend for Jacksonville property sales and those looking for new investment opportunities in the area, as there is plenty of space around downtown Jacksonville that can be improved on.

There are several large construction problems going on downtown at the moment, including the Park View Inn lot on the corner of State and Main Street. This particular project is still on the market, and is in the midst of a debate over what it will become. There are so many current needs for the downtown area, and in some respects the Park View Inn lot is at the center of all of them. This area is currently being reviewed as a potential space for a gourmet grocery store, for more residential space, for office space and for retail spots. If you’re also planning on putting up a commercial property, then you should know how to hire the right contractor for you.

This isn’t the only area downtown that is in the midst of renewal. The old New Center Hotel on North Broad Street is also getting an update, with a current renovation project bringing offices and residential space to the old building. This project will include 16 upper level apartments that will be available for sale in the not-so-distant future.

These new construction and renovation projects are looked at as great news for Jacksonville residents, as a revitalized downtown area will bring more property sales and investment opportunities to the area.