East San Marco Project Great for Jacksonville

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Those looking for rental opportunities can look to San Marco, as a East San Marco Projectnew land development featuring a Publix, boutiques and over 200 apartments is finally planned to get going this summer.

***Update*** Plans for Publix Put on Hold

East San Marco Project

The East San Marco project takes the full block at the southeastern corner of Atlantic Boulevard and Hendricks Avenue, with the buildings circling the block and the parking lot in the center.

The plan was first proposed back in 2006, but the housing crash put all that on hold, there was a major need for a fencing repair, but while that was being handled,  temporary fence panels were set up to continue with the rest of the construction. Since then a sign has remained noting the project, but nothing was built. The grocery store which will have these modern high speed doors will be convenient for residents of San Marco, the Southbank and even further south.

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