Experts Expect Big Things for Jacksonville Economy

By January 30, 2014Traditions Property Blog

Often, when looking at property sales and rental property management opportunities, it is hard to separate yourself entirely from thinking about the economy in general. The economy is so closely tied to the housing market that they two topics are frequently talked about hand in hand.

This is why it is generally looked at as a positive thing for those who focus on the Jacksonville housing market when economic experts say that the economy is looking great throughout Northeast Florida.

Experts are predicting that in 2014, economic growth in Jacksonville is going to outpace the rest of the country. They are specifically looking at economic factors like housing, finance, jobs and transportation. This is great news for those living in Jacksonville, as the past several years have been challenging for many people who have struggled to hang on to their jobs and houses.

Economic Professors from the University of North Florida and from Jacksonville University sat down recently with reporters who looked at the local economy, and where Jacksonville stands in the national economic front. The economy is on the mend across the United States, most people would agree, but it is not moving at a fast pace everywhere. Some parts of the country are still feeling the trickle-down of poor economic choices. Luckily, here in Jacksonville, we are starting to see greater employment numbers and a growing housing market. Factors like these are helping the entire First Coast to lead the nation in economic recovery.

You can read the full story in the Jacksonville Business Journal.