February Leads Property Sales in Florida

By February 4, 2013Traditions Property Blog

Take advantage of the property sale peak season in Florida!

February: The season of love; the final breath of winter; the month that passes in the blink of an eye. There are many things that February is known for, but for Florida home owners there is one other factor that the month holds a reputation for—property sales. In Jacksonville and throughout the rest of Florida, February is a peak time for property sales. This is true for Florida foreclosures and short sales, as well as for traditional property sales in the sunshine state.

The top month for property sales in each state varies based on a wide range of reasons. In the northern states the winter is a slower time to buy or sell homes thanks to the snow and uncomfortable climate. Here in Florida, property sales in the summer aren’t as popular thanks to the intense heat that affects the entire state. During the holiday season property sales fade in all fifty states as potential buyers tend to tighten their budget for the upcoming holiday’s and new year.

Florida is the premier time of the year to buy or sell a home in Florida. This Valentine’s Day, tell cupid you are ready to find your dream home.

This is crucial information for potential buyers and sellers to be aware of, especially as we are just now entering the first week of February. Statistically, now is the best time to put your home on the market in Florida. Here in Jacksonville, that means contacting your property sales specialists and taking the necessary steps to make your home ready to sell.

This doesn’t mean that February is the only time to buy or sell a home in Florida. Property sale trends transition along a continuum throughout the year. In February property sales peak; and this gives many potential sellers an advantage as they brave the housing market. Property sales gradually decline after February through the spring, but that does not mean it is impossible to sell or buy a home during other times of the year. On the contrary, many potential buyers consider a slower market an advantage, as this often means less competition for the homes that are available for sale.