Fishweir Creek coming to Avondale

By October 13, 2013Traditions Property Blog

Fishweir Creek coming to Avondale

Plans are in the works for the development of a $40 million dollar project in Avondale called Fishweir Creek, but they are not moving forward without a bit of a struggle. The project is for a mixed-usage property that would include more than 350 apartments and at least 42,000 sq. footage of retail space.

The complex will be developed at the site of the current Commander apartments, along with the shopping strip called “St. Johns Village” that are located along St. Johns Avenue, and will add hundreds of new property sales to the Jacksonville area.

The project is being proposed by the owner of Chase Properties, Mike Balanky. Just last week he made his official plans known to the city, submitting a proposal for a mixed-usage commercial and residential center that would stand up to five stories tall in the heart of the Avondale community.

Since the first proposal of this project, the size of the Fishweir Creek complex has reduced drastically. This has been done in a series of community meetings, many of which have greatly involved the Riverside Avondale Preservation Society, or RAP, who works to maintain the historical integrity of the Riverside and Avondale communities.

While the Fishweir Creek project will make some rather large changes to the St. Johns Avenue area where it will be constructed, the project has been planned with the historical preservation of the area in mind. There will be no changes in land use in the construction of this project, but by expanding the residential and commercial use of the current space, this project can offer additional housing, luxury residential space and additional retail space, which would provide economic benefit to the Avondale community.

The Fishweir Creek project is being proposed to City Council on November 12th, but there are several community meetings coming up concerning the development.

The RAP continues to stand firmly against the development, claiming that the project is out of scale for the surrounding neighborhood and goes against what the organization stands for. However, proponents of the Fishweir Creek project are assuring community members that they are doing everything in their power to preserve and even improve the area while abiding to building codes and neighborhood guidelines.

Once construction begins, the project is expected to be complete within 18 months.