Fixing Up that Property Sale with Dad

It’s father’s day, the one day of the year when we all take a step away from the hustle and bustle of life and let out one loud, resounding “thank you” to all of the fathers in our lives. In a lot of families, keeping up the appearance of the yard and the integrity of the house is Dad’s job. The lawn needs to be mowed, the walls need a fresh coat of paint and the front porch needs a few board replacements just for starters. In fact, we will probably need professional porch builders in order to fully restore it.

Whether you have recently purchased a property, are considering fixing up an investment property for rental property management or are fixing up a property sale that you’ve moved into yourself, chances are your home can stand for a few improvements. Summer is the perfect season to get a head start on that list of household chores that built-up throughout the course of the winter, and the best way to encourage Dad to get started on these projects is to gift him with the top tools he could ask for.

Here are the top five tools and tool equipment to gift to your Dad this Father’s Day:

  1. 1. The garage organizer: These shelving units come on wheels and have several lockable drawers at varying heights so that Dad can keep all of his tools in one easy to find spot. You can also read at Titan Garage Doors Coquitlam blog, if you’re interested in getting a new garage door.
  2. 2. The stud finder: Skip the part of the home-improvement project when somebody accidentally puts a hole in the wall by getting Dad a quality stud finder.
  3. 3. The cordless drill: This can help Dad get pictures up, put holes in the bottom of planters in the garden and for installing those new kitchen cabinets.
  4. 4. The paint sprayer: Make painting those walls even easier on Pop by giving him a good paint sprayer. This will help him get an even coat of paint in half the time. Consider their work area and where they keep all their tools. Placing access mats in the ground makes for an easily discernable work area and allows for spills and tools or equipment drops without damaging the ground surface itself, removing a worry.
  5. 5. The resting spot: Okay, it is father’s day—how about a little bit of appreciation for all the hard work you are encouraging with these tools. Top off the perfect tool present with a hammock for the yard!