Getting to Know Jacksonville: Kingsley Plantation

By April 22, 2016Traditions Property Blog
Kingsley Plantation Jacksonville

There are many beautiful communities to live in Jacksonville. One such place with a lot of history is Kingsley Plantation, located on the north side of the St. Johns River within the city limits. Traditions Realty is pleased to bring you the latest in our series Getting to Know Jacksonville: Kingsley Plantation.

Kingsley Plantation

The Kingsley Plantation is just one of the many historic sites in Jacksonville. The home was originally built during the mid eighteenth century, long before Florida was under any sort of constant rule. The plantation was proposed to be built by the British, but there was never a single proprietor in mind to run the estate. As a result, the plantation shifted hands more times than the history books care to count. The name of the fine estate comes from one Zephaniah Kingsley, the longest estate holder the plantation ever had. The Kingsley family led the plantation for over 20 years, from 1814 to 1837.

The Kingsley plantation is located on Ft. George Island, which is in the north east corner of Jacksonville. The plantation sits on vast grounds. About 60 acres are dedicated to the national park, though the Plantation was originally over 1000 acres large.

kingsley plantation

The Kingsley plantation plays a rich role in Jacksonville’s history, as well as the history of Florida and the Southern United States as a whole. The oldest plantation in Florida, the Kingsley Plantation played an active role in the agricultural rise of the South, the slave trade and the Civil War.

Zephaniah Kingsley himself was a bit of a revolutionary in his day. His wife Anna was of African descent and a former slave herself. Together they had four children and she helped him to run the estate. The grounds include the grand house, the slave quarters and the grounds, as well as a kitchen house and an interpretive garden designed by Long Island landscape design. Tours of the plantation are given daily, and families are able to visit the grounds to explore free of cost most days of the year.

As you focus on property sales and research foreclosures in Jacksonville, take a moment and explore a bit of what the city has to offer. The Kingsley plantation has a rich yet controversial place in Jacksonville’s history. It stands as a wonderful learning opportunity for children as well as for those new to Jacksonville.

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