Getting to Know Jacksonville: The Jacksonville Arboretum

Once the dust settles in your new home and you adjust to life in Jacksonville, you will finally have the opportunity to get to know the first coast. Jacksonville is filled with many natural wonders and serene environments where you can spend a full afternoon amidst the water and trees. In fact, there are a number of places in Jacksonville where you can forget all about your property sales and rental property management stresses and enjoy an entirely different side to the city. What is even better, many of these natural environments are all yours to explore for free. Learn about them in the latest in our series Getting to Know Jacksonville: The Jacksonville Arboretum

The Jacksonville Arboretum

Hidden away on the Southside of Jacksonville is a gem that so many people overlook, the Jacksonville Arboretum. This 120-acre expansive plot of land is filled with serene trails, lakes and live oaks that you can wander through as you discover a natural haven right here in the heart of Jacksonville.

the Jacksonville arboretum The Jacksonville Arboretum is located just outside of the Regency and Arlington communities on the south side of Jacksonville. Once you park your car and begin wandering down the wooded trails you will find yourself in the midst of a different world—one that is still dominated by nature and serenity and absent of new home construction, foreclosure paperwork and other stresses that come with property sales and investment properties.

If you haven’t had a chance to explore the Jacksonville Arboretum yet, then take a look at your schedule and do your best to head over to that side of town. If investment property woes are holding you back, then contact your real estate specialist about rental property management in Jacksonville—services that will reduce the stress load on your plate by helping you to better manage your rental homes in town.

The Jacksonville Arboretum has several trails and is dog friendly, so you can spend your day exploring the trails with your best friend at your side. Take a stroll through the tall live-oak trail, or spend some peaceful time sitting on a log aside a calm lake. Trail lengths at the Arboretum range from one mile to three miles, and the park is only open during daytime hours.

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