Getting to Know Jacksonville: The St. Johns River Ferry

By January 26, 2016Traditions Property Blog
st johns river ferry jacksonville

There are many wonderful things about living in a river city like Jacksonville, one of them is the St. Johns River Ferry. The ferry itself is a staple of Jacksonville; dating back to 1948, the ferry gives passengers a scenic break from highway travel aboard one of the last remaining public ferries in the state. Learn how you can ride the St. Johns River Ferry to explore several Jacksonville neighborhoods.

St. Johns River Ferry

The St. Johns River Ferry is a convenient and fun car and passenger ferry for any resident who wishes to cross the river for just a small ticket fee. Not only is the ferry ride scenic, it is also a convenient. For those who live in the areas around Mayport and St. George Island, the ferry can cut more than 20 miles of their commute—and that is just one way.

st johns river ferry jacksonvilleWhen you are looking for property sales in Jacksonville, try taking advantage of the ferry.

The St. Johns River Ferry conveniently runs to connect Mayport and Ft. George Island. On weekends the ferry is open even later, shuffling residents across the river until just past 8pm in the evening. Check out the schedule for specific days and times.

Get the Ferry App

According to Florida Times Union, “A new phone app released Tuesday enables ferry riders to pinpoint the ferry’s location and get a minute-by-minute snapshot of when it will pick up riders on the Mayport and Ft. George Island/Heckscher Drive sides of the river.” The app allows passengers to access real time information, enabling them to better plan their trip. The free ferry app is available on their website.

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