Good News for your Caffeine Kick!

By January 25, 2014Traditions Property Blog

Starbucks has launched a new specialty line of “reserve” coffees, and the Riverside Starbucks in Jacksonville is one of only two store locations in the city to offer the specialty blends in store. The other location is in Ponte Vedra.  For those who have purchase property sales or who live under rental property management in Jacksonville’s Riverside, this is exciting news.

A lot of people love living in the Riverside and Avondale area for their walkability, and Starbucks in Riverside completely customized their store to accommodate that experience. There is a massive amount of seating, both inside and outside of the store, and there are several large “community” tables that encourage people to sit together and chat, bringing much of the old-age coffee house feeling into an always busy world.

Perhaps this is why Starbucks thought the Riverside store would be a great place for the specialty reserve line of coffees. These coffees are “exotic, rare and exquisite,” according to Starbucks. They feature a more robust flavor profile and are made of a higher quality bean than the standard cup of coffee.

This doesn’t mean that Starbucks isn’t still selling the same coffees that have kept us visiting them for years. However, if you are looking for something special to please your pallet, then you can take a walk over to the Starbucks just outside of 5 points near Memorial Park on Riverside Avenue.