Good Relationships with Property Sales and Property Management Agents is Hard to Find

By August 16, 2012Traditions Property Blog

The results are in, and it turns out that a lot of people are drastically unsatisfied with their real estate experiences across the nation. This month J.D Power and Associates released its fifth annual seller and homebuyer satisfaction survey. J.D Power and Associates conduct this study every year as a way to gage the opinions and confidence of both buyers and sellers.

The most recent report revealed that buyers are the unhappiest they have been since the survey started five years ago, and sellers aren’t feeling much better about the property sales process, either.

One of the leading reasons that so many people are claiming to be unsatisfied is that they are not satisfied with the final selling price of the property, or are having to settle for smaller sized homes and homes that are in poorer condition than they originally hoped. These types of frustrations are common, especially in a recovering market, and they occur more often if you don’t hire a residential real estate agent to help. What you need to remember is that having a realistic interpretation of your price range from the start can limit later frustrations. Having the support of a real estate specialist and being able to openly and effectively communicate your desires and apprehensions will help you even more.

A lot of the aggravations clients are experiencing are things that are out of the real estate specialist’s control, but as specialists in this field we are able to do our best to limit your exposure to those frustrations. As real estate agents and real estate businesses, we are able to team up with services like real estate lead generation in order to provide a better service to our customers. Things like cost, condition and size of a property are negotiable to a certain extent, but it is difficult to determine the exact particulars of any situation early on in the process. That is why we put such emphasis on open communication by using p2p text messaging to efficiently send off our message whenever we need assistance. Buying, selling or renting, knowing that you have someone to rely on during the process can make the entire experience much less stressful.

You can hear all you want about the common frustrations that other buyers and sellers are experiencing. Whether you are listing your home on the market, are a seasoned pro dealing with Jacksonville foreclosures or are hoping to purchase your first home, your experience buying and selling a home means a lot to you—so common frustrations aren’t much of an excuse.

Whether you are looking to purchase one of the many Florida foreclosures or are hoping to attain income property with the assistance of rental property management in Jacksonville, beginning that processes with a real estate specialist that you know and trust can make a big difference.