Historic Jacksonville Property May See its Demise

By November 20, 2013Traditions Property Blog

In Downtown Jacksonville there is a large debate going on over the demolition of the Bostwick Building. Located on the corner of Ocean and Bay Street, the Bostwick building has been in the Bostwick family for more than 150 years, and remains in their ownership today but there are rumors about demolition contractors being hired to demolish it.

In 1901 the building burned down as part of the great Jacksonville fire. The current building was originally built in 1905, making it one of the older buildings in the downtown Jacksonville area.  Inside the Bostwick building is a vault that was part of the original building, which was a bank in the mid 19th century. First Coast News took a tour through the Bostwick building recently. You can view pictures from inside the historic property here.

The building, unfortunately, is not in good shape, and as a result there is talk about tearing the building down altogether. The Riverside Avondale Preservation group is fighting this decision, as this would leave yet another vacant lot in downtown Jacksonville. Some experts at demolitiondepot who do demolitions in Melbourne suggests that while empty, the outside of the building is in good shape. Many people will recognize the Bostwick building as the one that is decorated with jaguar print in celebration of the NFL team that shares a home with it in downtown Jacksonville.

Vacant lots don’t help out Jacksonville property sales. As soon as the right party comes along, proponents of the building are sure that it can be gutted and transformed into something great. The space is in an optimal location and would be ideal for retail, office or residential property. The property could even become a spot for rental property management.

At the moment, the Bostwick building is falling apart. The roof allows rain and sunshine through all parts of the building. The beams are showing, the floors are rotting and the building itself is a unsafe to spend time in. This is why the building has caught the attention of code enforcement in Jacksonville. The owners of the property are being fined $100 a day for code violations. This is why they are looking forward the remodeling with the help from the best roof repair contractor in town.

Residents from all across Jacksonville are looking forward the restoration of the building.