Hurricane Season Starts Early: Fallen Trees, Electrical Outages and Flooding

Many holiday plans changed this week as we experienced 2012 first tropical storm-early.  Although it never gained hurricane status, it did make one wonder if this season would be a record breaker.  With a big sigh of relief, we here at Traditions Realty found this story to give us hope.   Read more below. If you need any electrical repairs done, then check out Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air here to contact professional assistance.

Seeing how your house is being taken by the flooding is frustrating and make you lose lot of money, that is why you should prevent these natural accidents by hiring house raising tarragindi to lift your home.

Hurricane season: One week to go

MIAMI – May 25, 2012 – Thanks to El Nino and other conditions, forecasters predicted yesterday that the 2012 hurricane season – which starts exactly one week from today and runs through November – will be normal. It will see nine to 15 tropical storms with four to eight of those becoming hurricanes, which lead us to advise families to check the yards and hire a tree removal or tree trimming toledo oh company if needed, this is in order to keep trees or even just branches from hitting homes and causing more damage. One to three of those could become major storms, defined as ones with winds greater than 110-miles per hour.

Before the season begins, homeowners should prepare and hire Flood Restoration Auckland as a preventive action. “It’s crucial for policyholders to know about their insurance coverage before a storm hits,” says Ken Enscoe, Nationwide’s director of catastrophe claims operations. “Advance planning is key to surviving the aftermath of a hurricane.”

General steps to prepare for storm season

• Before an event, examine your property for physical or liability hazards and contact expert tree removal services to remove all branches that might cause some damage to your house.

• Find out if your home meets current building code requirements for high-wind regions and ask for a water Restoration plan at the city hall.

• Check the four critical areas where wind can enter a home: roof, windows, doors and garage doors and hire tree removal services to prevent nearby trees damage your home, if you manage a good tree care company for your trees this should not be necessary. Manage the residential electrical services, remember Either you or a building contractor can build and install temporary protection, such as approved wind shutters or plywood on windows and coverings for patio and entry doors, strengthen and stiffen garage doors, and install heavy-duty door hardware get a commercial electrical services to assets the process. Visit or similar sites to see their services.

LeanTrak professionals are involved with construction supervision, spot checks, sell circuit breaker, commissioning, and start-up activities.

Our professionals have extensive experience  in substations up through 138kV, power distribution systems, emergency and standby power systems, lighting systems, grounding, and perimeter hardening.

• Read and understand your insurance policy.

• Inventory valuables and contents in the home with pictures or video. Note the approximate value of each item and the date of purchase. You can also send an inventory to a family member outside your region for safekeeping.

• Make sure important documents, such as an insurance policy or mortgage papers, are stored in a safe deposit or fire safe box.

• Floodwater that enters into a home may be covered by specialized flood coverage underwritten by FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program. Check with your insurance agent about flood policies, but note that they take 30 days to become effective one you sign up.

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