A Hurricane of Investment Properties

Getting yourself, your family and your pets out of harm’s way when a major hurricane is coming through is priority one, but if you own an investment property or are still hoping to unload a property sale in Jacksonville, hurricane season can be a particularly nerve-wracking time period especially if you did not get a roof repair contractor out to check out your roof prior to the season’s start.

Foreclosures, property sales and investment properties alike, you are going to be reliable for any damages the property incurs during the storm.  A vacant house is still a house, and there are certain things you should do to prep your home for hurricane season.

Here are a few ways to prep your investment property or property sale for hurricane season.

1. Invest in roll down shutters: Roll down plantation shutters Canberra are a great way to add value and convenience to a home. Instead of requiring hours of hard work getting shutters nailed onto windows, these shutters can be easily lowered when the storm is coming in. This makes putting shutters up (or pulling them down, rather) a simple task.

2. Insulate the home well: A lot of people leave investment properties vacant while fixing them up to sell, rent-out or live in down the road. Don’t expose the home to environmental damage while doing  improvements like a roof repair or window replacement. Make sure there are no holes in the roof or walls and insulate the home properly to reduce flooding or just hire this roof repair services for an inspection.

3. Check the area for debris: If you aren’t living in a home then this is something you’ll want to drive by and check the night or day before a storm is supposed to hit. Clear away any trash cans, construction debris, bicycles, container gardens and anything else of the sort that can pick up and fly with strong winds.

You might not live in your property right now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t experience damage during a big storm, see the details of this home restoration company ahead of time. Experts are predicting that the 2013 hurricane season will be an active one, and it starts soon. Take small steps to start prepping your home for hurricanes now.