Jacksonville Bridges of The River City

By March 30, 2016Traditions Property Blog

Living in a River City has its pros and cons. The pro of having a river run through your city provides a lot of extracurricular activities such as water sports, boating, fishing, and water side dining to name a few. However, if you live on one side of the river and work on the other, getting across the river in a timely fashion can be an issue. The good news is that Jacksonville has 7 bridges to ensure smooth and consistent transportation to all parts of the River City.

Jacksonville Bridges

  1. The Hart Bridge– connects downtown with Atlantic Blvd. jacksonville bridges
  2. The Acosta Bridge– connects the north Riverside/downtown area with San Marco.
  3. The Fuller Warren Bridge– connects the south Riverside neighborhood with San Marco.
  4. The Alsop (Main Street) Bridge– connects Riverplace to the Jacksonville Landing downtown area.
  5. The Matthews Bridge– connects Arlington to downtown.
  6. The Dames Point Bridge– connects Dames Point to Ft. Caroline.
  7. The Beckman Bridge– connects Orange Park to the South Side neighborhood.

Watch this video from First Coast News on Jacksonville Bridges.

The downtown Jacksonville skyline accentuates the curve of the River. Downtown the multiple stadiums line the banks of the St. Johns, with the Jaguar football stadium actually overlooking the St. Johns itself. None of this would be complete without the many bridges that connect the beach communities and those on the Southside of town with the many things there are to do in the historic districts and downtown area of Jacksonville.

As you search for property sales in Jacksonville or explore rental property management opportunities around town, explore the many different bridges in our city. The Acosta and Main Street Bridges are especially great to explore thanks to their walking extensions that complete the downtown river walk park, a favorite fitness destination for those in the downtown area.

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