Jacksonville Getting a Bit Brighter?

By February 26, 2013Traditions Property Blog

If you started looking at property sales in Jacksonville after dusk recently, you might have been shocked by just how dark it gets in this city. It hasn’t always been this way. Just last year the Mayor of Jacksonville Mr. Alvin Brown decided it was in Jacksonville’s best interest to turn off the street lights. Not all of the street lights were shut off. For example, major roadways were kept well lit, as were areas that receive a great deal of foot traffic after dark, but some 2,000 streetlights across the city flickered off one morning never to come on again. This is a move that saved the city of Jacksonville about $300,000 in tax payer money, but it is something that has gotten a lot of criticism from many different corners.

Whether you purchase a Florida foreclosure, move forward with a traditional property sale or are looking at rental property management opportunities in Jacksonville, most people agree that having the street lights on outside your front door gives you a bit of added security. Street lights are associated with safe neighborhoods. They promote business after nightfall by encouraging passerby’s to stop in and grab a bite to eat. They encourage community involvement and help neighbors get to know one another—especially during the long winter evenings.

This is just some of the complaints that Mayor Brown has received regarding the street lights, and is part of the reason that the city of Jacksonville is now preparing to turn them back on. Of course, turning on street lights isn’t quite as easy as flipping a switch. In March the city council will put this initiative to a vote. The Mayor made the initial change in an effort to save money. Turning off some of the street lights meant not cutting funding from other necessary programs and amenities at a time when the city really needed to tighten its belt. The Mayor was pleased to announce that the city has found additional funding that would pay for the streetlights to be turned back on. The only thing that will stop the change now is if city council decides to put that newly found funding towards another cut that was made over the past several years.

This is good news for many Jacksonville residents who are tired of living in the dark and are ready to enjoy their new homes late into the night.