Jacksonville: Great for Property Sales, Not for Walking

By February 23, 2013Traditions Property Blog

A recent study by AAA Property Evaluators reports that Jacksonville is the third worst city in the United States for pedestrians. While Jacksonville came in third in this ranking, the State of Florida in general took the cake, with Orlando and Tampa rounding out the one and two spots in the nationwide evaluation of pedestrian safety and accommodations.

When looking at property sales in Jacksonville, places to walk to aren’t often the first thing on many people’s minds. With an elaborate highway system and a city that is vastly spread out over the course of 885 sq. miles, most people are more concerned about the nearest highway entrance than they are about the ease of walking to the store for some milk. However, this should be something that you are considering when looking for a new home, whether through rental property management or while looking at Florida foreclosures. If you are hoping to live in a community where you can ditch the vehicle and find everything you need within a few blocks of home, then it is worth seeking out a neighborhood in Jacksonville where that is a viable option—and there are a few!

There are many different communities in Jacksonville, and the ease of access to amenities for pedestrians ranges from neighborhood to neighborhood. The more historic parts of Jacksonville like Riverside, Avondale, Ortega, San Marco and even downtown are all much more pedestrian friendly than are parts of the South side, the West side, the North side and the Beaches.

In certain parts of Jacksonville side walk construction took a long back seat to road development; and with budget cuts across the city it was not a surprise to many when sidewalks went unfinished or un-kept. However, this new nationwide attention on Jacksonville may change this. City officials could now be pressured into providing more pedestrian access across the River City, making it easier for residents to walk across the street for a bite to eat or down the road to do some shopping.

Are you surprised by Jacksonville’s low ranking in this pedestrian safety survey? How often do you attempt to walk around Jacksonville? Share your thoughts and experiences in a comment below!