Jacksonville Hidden Treasures: Fort Caroline

By January 14, 2016Traditions Property Blog
fort caroline jacksonville

Located in the heart of Jacksonville’s Southside is a tribute to a part of Jacksonville’s history that has often been overlooked. As you explore property sales in Jacksonville, take some time to explore many of the area’s most historic monuments, such as the Fort Caroline Monument at the Timucuan Preserve.

Long before Jacksonville was a city in Florida, and before Florida was a State, even before the United States of America stood up as a nation, the lands of Northeast Florida were home to many people. Fort Caroline now stands tribute to those lands, and to the people who came long before us.

Jacksonville History

Fort Caroline was actually a French fort founded in the mid-sixteenth century during the early days of exploration of fort caroline homes jacksonvillethe New Land that is now the United States. Shortly after the French arrived the fort was overtaken by the Spanish, who destroyed the original fort and built their own in its place. Ultimately, the fort was abandoned and left to despondency until the area was inhabited again later on for residential and settlement purposes.  Jacksonville now sits covering the area of this fort, and has reduced Fort Caroline to a region of our town and a monument that stands to honor its long history.

The monument pays tribute to the way that man and nature worked together to prosper during the forts earliest days, and the ways that our community managed to grow and thrive despite an abandoned fort in its earliest years of being.

There are many reasons to love our city, and those who are looking for property sales in Jacksonville may be interested in finding out more about the history of the city they will call their home. The Fort Caroline monument is a great starting place for getting to know Jacksonville just a little bit better.

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