Jacksonville Property Sales Booming, Experts Report

By December 8, 2012Traditions Property Blog

There has been a big change in the tone of the housing market in Florida, as property sales in Jacksonville as well as throughout the rest of the state continue to rise, and the number of non-distressed property sales is once again outnumbering the amount of foreclosures and short sales in the area.

This is confirmed in one of the final reports regarding the state of the Florida housing market for 2012. Experts found that property sales in Florida are on an upward trend, and the first quarter of 2013 is expected to be a strong one for the housing market.

As this trend continues, more and more people are opting to purchase their home instead of continuing with property management in Jacksonville, an option that many people turned to during the past several years as a great deal of people found themselves in financial turmoil and jobs were scarce throughout the state.

In a stark contrast from where the condition of the state was just a year ago, experts are now claiming that Florida is in a premier situation to continue moving forward and benefit from a healthy housing market as the new year moves in.

There are a number of factors that are drawing experts to these conclusions:

  • As the market currently stands, there is less than a six month supply of homes currently available for sale. This indicates that the housing market is not “flooded” as it once was understood to be, and that home owners hoping to sell their homes should consider putting their home up for sale once again.
  • Non-distressed sales, meaning property sales that are not short sales or foreclosures make up more than half of all property sales in Florida.
  • Over 19 percent of closed sales during the fall of 2012 were from foreign buyers, indicating a rise in new growth and investment buyers in Florida once again.

What do Property Sale Trends Mean for You?

For a lot of people, new reports and trends in property sales sound like a lot of empty numbers, but that is far from true. Property sale trends impact how difficult it may be to buy or sell a home in Jacksonville. Over the past five years millions of Americans have resorted to taking their homes off of the market due to a lack of interest, and many people who wanted to sell their homes were forced to leave their homes on the market for months longer than expected.

The increase in property sales in Florida means that it might be time for you to consider putting your home back up on the market. If you have been holding back from buying a home in the hope that prices are going to continue to drop, then this trend would indicate that isn’t the case. A healthy economy is great news for buyers and sellers. To learn more about how it is impacting you personally contact your real estate specialist in Jacksonville.