Jacksonville RiverWalk Getting an Update

By August 10, 2013Traditions Property Blog

The RiverWalk that connects the Riverside community to downtown Jacksonville is something that attracts a lot of Jacksonville residents throughout the year. It is well-known as one of the nicest walking and jogging trails in the city, and is often the site of organized community events. Earlier in 2013 the One Spark event in downtown Jacksonville took great advantage of the RiverWalk, and weekly events like the Riverside Arts Market draw a lot of attention to the park, as well.

With all of the positive feedback concerning the RiverWalk, it may not be too surprising to many Jacksonville residents that the city has decided to expand the project to the Southbank, stretching along the shores of San Marco.

At the moment, the Southbank is home to a wonderful park and the friendship fountain, a comfortable and inviting spot where families can enjoy a day near the river and restaurant and hotel guests can enjoy a pleasant evening stroll with the backdrop of colorful waters and lightly playing music.

The RiverWalk expansion will start at the Friendship Fountain and go past the Main Street bridge, stretching all the way to the Duval County School Board Office.The walkway will connect to the Main Street bridge, giving residents a chance to walk over the St. Johns River towards the Jacksonville Landing and other downtown attractions. The RiverWalk will also update the current water taxi location, and will connect with several of the hotels that line the river in that area, including the Crown Hotel and the Wyndham.

Community updates like this are great for Jacksonville property sales. This will be a nice attraction for those looking to purchase homes in the Jacksonville area, as it will be an inviting space to walk and a convenient connecting walkway between areas that are currently not as accessible as many would wish.