Jacksonville School to Get a New Name

By November 13, 2013Traditions Property Blog

Nathan Bedford Forrest High School is located on the Westside of Jacksonville. It has been home to classes and learning for more than 50 years, marking it as one of Jacksonville’s older learning institutions where many took classes for different careers, and even though they have variety, there some careers that they don´t have like cdl classes or even nursing. Good thing is thtat there is website where you can find a list of schools for all sorts of careers, you can Discover More at that link.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that the name of the high school is considered rather offensive to many individuals, which creates a problematic situation for teachers, school officials and even students.

In recent weeks, Forrest High School has been in the news, getting national media attention for its name. That is because after decades of having this name, the school board is finally deciding to change the name of the school to something that won’t be considered offensive to so many of Jacksonville’s residents.

This name change may actually improve property sales in Jacksonville on the west side of town. There are many people who have been uncomfortable moving into a school district with such a controversial name, but with the name change more families may feel open to making the  move out to Jacksonville’s west side.

What’s in a Name?

Nathan Bedford Forrest was a general of the Confederate Army during the Civil War, and later became the first leader of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK). The high school in Jacksonville is not the only to be named after this official, but it is one of the few remaining institutions.  The school opened prior to segregation of Jacksonville’s public schools, but that is a part of history that most Jacksonville residents agree needs to be left in the past.

The re-naming of Forrest High School is a sign of acceptance and agreement that we are in a more inclusive and reasonable time, and that each Jacksonville student should have the right to have the best education possible without being exposed to a daily reminder of past hard times.