Jacksonville Skyway is Growing

Getting downtown might have just gotten easier for a lot of Jacksonville residents—especially those who have moved into property sales in the Riverside and Avondale communities. The Jacksonville Skyway, that is, the Jacksonville transport authority’s over-ground metro system, has announced plans to undergo a $20 Million renovation that includes a new stop in the Riverside community of Jacksonville.

At the moment, the Jacksonville skyway offers minimal service, and this is something that the transportation system has received a great deal of criticism for. Earlier this year during the One Spark event in downtown Jacksonville the skyway was made available to thousands of people to help alleviate traffic into the downtown area. The skyway assisted 44,000 people during the several days that encompassed this short event.  Following One Spark many members of the Jacksonville community praised the skyway transit system, and criticized them for not expanding their hours of operation more to accommodate peak entertainment hours downtown. The new expansion may be a response to some of those criticisms.

By opening a new station, skyway authorities hope to add several thousand more daily riders to their service, and this is only the start. The expansion of the skyway rail system is looked as an indication of positive growth for the downtown community. Once the bustling center of town, recent decades have witnessed a great decline in the number of people who live, work and visit downtown Jacksonville. This is changing as more companies are transitioning their businesses to downtown properties, and more people are searching for property sales in Jacksonville’s downtown area.

The expansion is still in its very early phases, with a budget just announced for the project this week. It is hoped that the new Riverside station will be functional the end of next year, 2014.