Jaguars Propose New Practice Site in Jacksonville

Downtown Jacksonville is known for having vacancies at this point in the First Coast’s history, but there are certain parts of Jacksonville that are more vacant than others. On the riverfront of downtown there is an old shipyard that is out of use.


The Jacksonville Jaguars have a proposal for that plot of land, but it isn’t clear yet whether or not the rest of the Jacksonville community supports the idea.


The Jaguars are thinking about making those unused shipyards into an in-door practice facility. This is just one of the updates that the Jaguars are talking of at the moment, with several of those updates already underway to make the most of the upcoming football season.


This week, the Jags publically announced their hopes of turning the shipyards into an indoor facility. This could be a big draw for a lot of NFL athletes, who may be more interested in playing ball in North Florida when there is an indoor and air conditioned area where they can practice with the team.


However, no major Jacksonville voices have let out any inkling of support for the idea as of yet. There are rumors that the Jags have already talked with members of the City Council and even the Mayor in private, but nothing has been said publically other than the talk of the interest in building the facility.


A huge project like this would be great for creating jobs in Jacksonville, and as a result is looked at as a great idea for property sales in Jacksonville, too.