More Property Sales Coming Soon: Florida Continues to Grow

By December 26, 2013Traditions Property Blog

It might feel like everywhere you look there is new construction to accommodate incoming homebuyers from all around the world. Florida is a favorite destination for those escaping the snow, and is especially known as the place to go for those looking for a comfortable retirement spot surrounded by plenty of golf and beaches that stretch the length of the state, if you are an agent let us share this local moving service so you can offer it to your clients.

Well, you aren’t imagining the fact that these property sales continue to come in. Thanks to the transient population and the ever growing influx of people, Florida is set to overtake New York when it comes to state population.

This is good news for many in Florida, as a growing number of property sales is great news for our local economy. For others, this is worrisome.

If you thought you could hang out for a few more years and then purchase a home at the low costs they are available at now, think again. The price of property sales are on the rise, and the growing population of Florida just means that there will be more people coming into town on a regular basis to scoop up those foreclosures and to potentially drive up the competition that ignites the housing market. This also applies to the full renovation of outdated housing. These types of overhauls require some work be done ahead of time, such as both foundation and lead inspection to name a few. Due to their similarity, these are also taken into account, as the price in total of these type of projects is on the rise just the same.

The population of Florida is growing by about two percent annually. Many of those who are moving into the sunshine state are actually from New York, which contributes to the Empire State’s dwindling population.  Many of those who are leaving the New York area are coming from the Upstate or Long Island area. New York City remains as populous as ever. Here you can learn more on how to protect your house.

It is estimated that in either 2014 or 2015, Florida will officially be more populous than New York. If you’re not in Florida, then you can get a snow removal service on winter or just enjoy that chilly weather to the max, especially on holidays. However if you live in Rogers, MN and looking for a snow removal services, a good company like Northwood Outdoor Services would be glad to serve you!