Movies Gone Real Estate

When Homes for Sale are Red-Carpet Worthy

There are some people who really enjoy a good movie. We all have friends like this, who head out to the movies week after week to catch the latest blockbuster in the theaters. When we head out to trivia night, they are the ones who know the ins and outs of the movies and actors. And many of those 123Movies lovers have a film or two that stays incredibly close to their heart. Sometimes, those films become worth their weight in gold—particularly when a fan turns a multi-million dollar mansion into a commemorative piece worth an Oscar on its own.

Take, for example, the $35 million dollar Star Trek themed mansion for sale here in Florida. The home is massive, with 27,000 square feet of memorabilia and luxury. As you walk through the house you will find an exact replica of several of the hit TV show and film’s sets, including costumes and props that the current owner has invested in.  Now, when you look at property sales and property management opportunities in Jacksonville, you probably don’t look for uniforms, badgers and phasers that are exact replicas to those used by Captain Kirk and his comrades, but why not have a look at them all the same?

The owner, a huge Star Trek fan, thought it would be fun to make his own home into a living theme park. Within this massive mansion there is a home theater, a wine cellar and a full size basketball court. It cannot be said that thematic design was chosen in favor of luxury, as the mansion makes it clear that it is fit for anyone who is willing to pay for it.

This mansion is for sale in Boca Raton, Florida, and it is hard to say whether it will be there for long or not. There may very well be another Star Trek lover who has $35 million to spare on the home of their dreams. In the mean time, you can check out a home tour of the home through the local news of Palm Beach County.