Much Ado about Downtown Jacksonville: Property Sales Worth Talking About

By December 21, 2013Traditions Property Blog

There is a lot going on in downtown Jacksonville, perhaps more than there has been in quite some time. Downtown Jacksonville is home to many of empty warehouses and half-finished condominiums, and many have looked at the downtown area as a place that is past its prime. However, there is a deep love for downtown and a need for a thriving center to our sprawling city, and this is why groups of developers are now taking chances and investing in our downtown area.

The downtown improvements are showing in the form of new condominiums, road improvements, updates to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ stadium and even changes to the iconic Jacksonville Landing, which is supposed to get a major face lift in the coming years.

All of these improvements have people talking about property sales in Jacksonville’s downtown area once again, and this is great for the housing market on the First Coast.

However, there is still a lot of talk about what is left to be done—so much so that the city has opened up the lines of communication and have asked those of us who care about the downtown area to let them know what we think would make the biggest impact on the area.

Some of the most common answers to their question are rather obvious, including improved public transit, the installation of grocery stores and other convenience retail spots, and more affordable housing options.

We want to know, what would make the biggest difference downtown in your opinion? Let us know in a comment below.