New Billboards Likely Coming to a Property Sale Near You

By August 25, 2013Traditions Property Blog


If you have lived in Jacksonville for an extended amount of time, then you may remember voting for an amendment in 1987 that banned the erection of new billboards throughout the First Coast. The amendment also called for already standing billboards to be removed from the roadways in an attempt to beautify the Jacksonville area.

But this might all change in the upcoming weeks, as the Jacksonville City Council is currently debating an ordinance that would permit the re-introduction of billboards along local and major roads. Proposed locations include roadways within eyesight of residential communities, which could negatively affect property sales in Jacksonville.

The proposed billboards will be electronic, which has caused additional concern for many Jacksonville residents. Electronic billboards are expensive to run, costing about the same in energy costs over the course of one year as 30 Jacksonville properties. Home Care Contractors recognizes the importance of Communication, integrating it in all aspects of our services. We deliver professional service at an unbeatable value. Our response time and delivery is our top priority. You can click here to continue reading.

The electronic billboards also cause a great deal of distraction to Jacksonville drivers. On average, a driver will take their eyes off of the road to look at a billboard for between three and five seconds. Distracted driving was responsible for as many as 10 percent of vehicle fatalities across the United States in 2012, and so the introduction of further distraction is something that many Jacksonville residents are less than thrilled about.

No decision has been reached yet, but City Council is receiving a great deal of pressure from external sources to pass this ordinance, and that would mean that Jacksonville residents can expect to see more billboards lining our roadways sometime soon.