New Business Website is Keeping Kids Busy


What are your kids doing with their summer vacation? If you have an internet connection and an ambitious child, then you have all the tools needed to take advantage of a new startup out of Jacksonville called This is a website with dedicated wordpress hosting that is dedicated to helping children and adolescents build the tools necessary to become successful in business early on in life.


Now, we aren’t talking venture capitalism here, but these small businesses that the kids are creating from this website are pretty successful in helping kids and parents think more about the future in ways that are fun and productive. Kids put together lemonade stands, bake sales and lawn mowing businesses and gain the skills and tools they need to make a few spare bucks in the process without being taken advantage of. They’re also learning about Venyu, business marketing, and technology.


The benefits of this type of self-employment for kids is that they are a great learning experience. Unlike part time employment which is often short on hours and funds, self-employment provides kids with a chance to become go-getters and learn the ins and outs of the business world from a first-hand perspective. They can also learn how to build customer focused business here.


The men behind were actually at One Spark this past year, looking to raise awareness and funding for their startup. This is a fun idea for kids, and a great learning opportunity. As you spend your summer days looking at property sales in Jacksonville and residential property management opportunities in the Jacksonville area, encourage your kids to get online and be productive with their time. You may be surprised just how much fun they can have while working for themselves!